Artists Statement

As an encroaching high-tech world threatens to engulf our senses at every turn the elegant
simplicity of black and white imagery gives us a necessary reprieve, a moment
of refuge. The lure of simplicity itself compels me to capture simple moments; ironies,
juxtapositions, shadow and light that exist for one moment and are gone forever.

As these moments are preserved in the images we are given a second chance to
glimpse the fleeting relationships that constantly shift and rearrange to make up the
next moment and the next. These photographs invite us to pause and become aware
of the miraculous beauty that surrounds us. Beauty as simple, complex and transient
as life itself.

Teresa Neptune
Teresa Neptune Studio/Gallery - Fine Art Photography
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©Teresa Neptune, 2006
"The best show was 'Flooded Desert,' Teresa Neptune's painterly photographs of
drenched dunes..."
The New York Times, December 23, 2007
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