• The New York Times, Frugal Traveler, Dec. 23, 2007.
    The best show was “Flooded Desert,” Teresa Neptune’s painterly photographs of drenched dunes at White Sands. Not only was the show in El Zaguán, a rickety but quaint 1850s merchant’s home that houses the Historic Santa Fe Foundation, but Ms. Neptune had shot all these gorgeous images on just a few rolls of film. Whence such efficiency? As a poor art student, she said, “I had to learn to be very frugal.” Matt Gross
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    The Photography of Teresa Neptune.
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    The Quiet Goddess of the Desert.
  • Albuquerque Journal North, May 7, 2004. Taking Time Out-
    Prints at El Zaguan Deliver Nourishment Far Beyond Fashion
    image: Teresa Neptune, 2006
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